‘Low Cost’ 3D Printer

7 05 2007

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Until now, 3D printers have been large, expensive machines confined to the shops and design departments of major corporations and elite design firms. With the introduction of the Desktop Factory 3D printer, priced disruptively lower than the nearest competitive offering, Desktop Factory becomes the leader in high performance low-cost 3D printing technologies.

I want one! At a cost of 5000~7000USD, its not cheap, but hey, I bet its still cheaper than a Zcore. Material cost is 50¢/cu inch, so its actually cheaper than Zcore’s by a little bit. From the sample photos quality isn’t exactly first class but looks decent enough. Should be pretty good with some sanding.

Santa, Ive been a good boy. Can I have one for this Christmas?

[UPDATE] Here’s a 3D printer that prints using SUGAR as the medium. Yummy!!



13 03 2007

Fuck. I can’t think of a better word to say. It is one of those days when you crave a cigarette, not for the nicotine rush but for the moment when time slows down as you drag on the fag. I need time so stop right now so that I can reflect on the state of my design.

When an idea is thrusted into your unwilling arms by a tutor desperate to have something to show for when a foreign visitor arrives, you know you have a recipe for disaster in your hands. I have no ownership of my design, not when preconceived notions are already formed in the mind of my tutor; any design gesture I make is panned and scarely given a hearing, dismissed with nary a comment, or demeaned with a caustic remark — “there is no excuse Eng Kiat”.

I am not one to engage in verbal sparring. I rather show my disagreement by executing in action what I think is right instead of wasting verbose effort. But when that is interpreted as submissiveness on my part, I think it only shows the depth of empathy on the part of the other party. When whatever counterproposals I come up with is ignored and scarcely looked at (and be passed off as a juvenile attempt) in light of a preconceived notion not made known to me, I think it is impossible to design.

How does one design, when whatever is proposed is judged against a mental picture in the mind of the critic of how it SHOULD look like, or how it SHOULD be done? Is pluralism not acceptable? Or is it because I am already judged to be incompetent, henceforth whatever move I make will not be judged in a fair light?

Am I incompetent?


I Love modo

31 10 2006

Damn I’m spending more time doing parti sketches/renders than the actual cadding!
modo render

New Renderer

30 10 2006

Found myself a new toy in a 3D renderer.

modo 202, by Luxology, delivers the next evolution of 3D modeling, painting and rendering in a single integrated and accelerated platform. Winner of the prestigious Apple Design Award at WWDC 2006 for “Best OS X Graphics”, the interface is clean, sleek, and very much like the Apple professional range of softwares like Final Cut Pro or Aperture. More importantly, the modeller and renderer is amazingly fast, and way more powerful than Sketchup Pro that I’m currently using.

It is not surprising, because the guys who developed modo were the same ones who brought us Lightwave, the 3D software that I cut my teeth on back in junior college. Yet the interface is infinitely easier to use. It reminds me of the program Blender in the logic of the tool palettes. And I loved Blender.

In a head-on shootout with my current 3D renderer Vue d’Esprit, modo trounced Vue not only in terms of rendering speed (and the bonus is that you get real time feedback of what each processor on your desktop/network is rendering) but quality as well. Vue could not do subsurface smoothening, resulting in the faceted curves that you see in the first image. And it usually results in a fairly coarse image unless you render it at the maximum setting (which I did). modo, meanwhile, did it in less than half the time at the default setting. And the interface responds more like a traditional 3D software in the mold of 3Ds Max or Maya.

More importantly, Vue is no slouch itself, being used by ILM or Industrial Light & Magic, the same guys who brought you the special effects in most of your Hollywood movies.

Vue d'Esprit
modo 202

New Blog

21 10 2006

Did up another blog for design/architecture ideas at ideapool.wordpress.com

If any of you wish to be a contributor to the blog (its open to all the architecture peeps or designers) just drop me a message yea?

And thanks to Weibin for the link to today’s post at that blog =)

Raffles Hall Concert

26 09 2006

Well, I’m no longer staying in Raffles Hall but I’ve been approached to do the concert poster for this year’s production. I’m proud to say I’ve been the official poster artist for the last 4 years. Heh. Anyway, here’s a sneak peek at this year’s. Its not been confirmed yet, so the final one that you’ll see pinned up around campus might be very different.

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Custom Icons Are So Fun!

19 09 2006

Was taking a break just now so I decided to do some custom icons for my desktop, laptop and mobile. A little bit of photoshop and there you have it!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us