New Toy

2 08 2007

Bought this to pump in both inputs from my guitar (Dimazio P/Us and the Fishman Piezos) into the Randall amp. The old Proel A/B switch gave an annoying ‘pop’ each time you switched channels, so its not exactly something you want to use for gigging. Hence, this. The Boss Line Selector. Its the grand-daddy of all A/B switches.


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OK Go!

27 08 2006

Its a Chicago band called OK Go! and their videos are a real blast!

菅野 よう子 Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts

4 06 2006

OMG! Been listening to some of Yoko Kanno’s compositions and the music is amazing. When I’ve saved enough I’m gonna buy the 4-disc Cowboy Bebop soundtrack man! Here’s a live video of the opening track to Cowboy Bebop as performed by Yoko Kanno and her band The Seatbelts. Simply amazing. Title’s “Tank!”
I think it’s about time we blow this scene
Get everyone and my stuff together
Okay! 3! 2! 1! Let’s Jam

Here’s the opening to Cowboy Bebop. Besides cool music, its got cool graphics too. Way retro!

NUS Open House

29 03 2006

Minor Vibes at Phoenix Fest

10 03 2006

Turning Point/ Minor Vibes Videos

7 03 2006


6 03 2005

Haven’t had time to go down to City Music to plonk down the deposit for the new effects board for my guitar. Haven’t managed to sell off the old one yet too. And I haven’t told mom about it. Sigh. Will she kill me for wasting money when it’s better off spent on reference books? But hey, 5 aki books cost the same price as one top-of-the-line effects board! And I already resolved not to spend so much on books this year… Is it justified to buy the effects? *bubble bubble*