New Toy

2 08 2007

Bought this to pump in both inputs from my guitar (Dimazio P/Us and the Fishman Piezos) into the Randall amp. The old Proel A/B switch gave an annoying ‘pop’ each time you switched channels, so its not exactly something you want to use for gigging. Hence, this. The Boss Line Selector. Its the grand-daddy of all A/B switches.


I mean, its so complex, I don’t know where to start. So I went online and grabbed the function list. Phew! That’s a huge list. Not too shabby for a hundred bucks on something that never breaks. Seriously. I’ve yet to encounter a broken Boss pedal.

The LS-2 pedal is Product of the Month in Guitar Player Oct 1992, page 145. To switch input and output assignements for different effects loops, amps, or guitars. 2 line loops. 5 looping modes. On/off indicators to show each loop’s status. Return level control for each loop can generate up to 20dB gain for level matching. $139.50, later $149.50 list. $85 used.

This Boss non-effects pedal looks good for mellowing the intensity of any effect, such as wah. The Boss FX catalog, which is worth closely studying from cover to cover, describes this hard-to-find but powerful effects manager, packaged as an effects pedal. I’m including it here because it’s such an unusual type of “effect pedal” — a mixer.

The basic features of the LS-2: Jacks (all mono) – Input, Output, Send A, Send B, Return A and Return B; and a Mode Selector Switch – A<->B, A<->Bypass, B<-> Bypass, A->B->Bypass->, A+B Mix<->Bypass, and Output Select; and A/B Level Control Knobs which adjust the volume from mute to +20dB.

Enables you to:

  • Select output Effect [A] or Tuner [B].
  • Select one of two kinds of distortion, by varying the volume on the two channels which you can select from to drive a single distortion box.
  • Select one of two instruments.
  • Use the LS-2 with the Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor.
  • Select one of two settings (for solos or backing).
  • Control your volume if you have multiple LS-2s.
  • Select one of two amplifiers.
  • Select one of two settings (for solos or rythmn).
  • Select one of two settings (for backing or rythmn).
  • Select one of three settings (for solos, backing or rythmn).
  • Mix two settings (for solos and backing) to create a new effect.
  • Use the LS-2 as a 2 channel mixer. i.e. Two guitars playing at once.
  • Mix effect and straight sounds to create a new effect.
  • Select one of three amplifiers. (The Level Control Knobs will not function.)



One response

11 08 2007

huh? english pal english!
you didnt tell me about this new toy!!!

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