Waterspout! Well, kinda..

11 06 2007

Man, Jurong has been seeing some real weird weather lately.

This was taken the day before. Notice the point blocks in the distance to the right of the factory chimneys? Those chimneys belong to Jurong Island BTW. Well, ok so the photo is too small. Click on it. Heh.

And then a storm started brewing shortly after sunset… (And no its not an enlargement of the photo.. I ‘shopped the closeup from another photo. Didn’t manage to switch lenses fast enough so the funnel was obscured by the building on the right by the time I snapped this).

Eh! What’s that!!

Well so anyway I strung the images I managed to fire off into an animated gif. Pardon the quality. Yeah I know. It’s like a little prick sticking out from the clouds. But hey, my life’s boring. 😛




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