‘Low Cost’ 3D Printer

7 05 2007

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Until now, 3D printers have been large, expensive machines confined to the shops and design departments of major corporations and elite design firms. With the introduction of the Desktop Factory 3D printer, priced disruptively lower than the nearest competitive offering, Desktop Factory becomes the leader in high performance low-cost 3D printing technologies.

I want one! At a cost of 5000~7000USD, its not cheap, but hey, I bet its still cheaper than a Zcore. Material cost is 50¢/cu inch, so its actually cheaper than Zcore’s by a little bit. From the sample photos quality isn’t exactly first class but looks decent enough. Should be pretty good with some sanding.

Santa, Ive been a good boy. Can I have one for this Christmas?

[UPDATE] Here’s a 3D printer that prints using SUGAR as the medium. Yummy!!




4 responses

7 05 2007

3d printer, I wish I could have a laser printer first….

7 05 2007
kiat Tan

you really shd check out the brother hl2040 or its xerox clone. its dirt cheap. cheaper than an inkjet even.

8 05 2007

Are u sure? But I just bought a color printer few months ago. Trying not to buy too much things because I might move a lot…. Anyway thanks for your suggestion 🙂

8 06 2007

ARGH. I want one too!

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