First World Nation of Third World Citizens

9 11 2006

Previously I have made a comment on the littering in foodcourts and coffeeshops. Look what’s published in today’s papers.

Sometimes I wonder if we deserve to be paid better when our social consciousness is worse than animals. Even cats know how to use the litterbox when they take a shit. We can’t even pee properly in the public toilets, lest say take care of our own litter. it’s not this country I’m sick of, it’s the people. And don’t you dare call me elitist.




One response

12 11 2006
My beloved nation « The Dilemma Theory

[…] Eng Kiat’s newest entry interested me to no end. His “First World Nation of 3rd World Citizens” entry about a Straits Times article lambasting how Singaporeans actually behave in our own eating places. If we can’t even be bothered to take care of our own, I can’t imagine how would we behave in other countries. […]

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