New Renderer

30 10 2006

Found myself a new toy in a 3D renderer.

modo 202, by Luxology, delivers the next evolution of 3D modeling, painting and rendering in a single integrated and accelerated platform. Winner of the prestigious Apple Design Award at WWDC 2006 for “Best OS X Graphics”, the interface is clean, sleek, and very much like the Apple professional range of softwares like Final Cut Pro or Aperture. More importantly, the modeller and renderer is amazingly fast, and way more powerful than Sketchup Pro that I’m currently using.

It is not surprising, because the guys who developed modo were the same ones who brought us Lightwave, the 3D software that I cut my teeth on back in junior college. Yet the interface is infinitely easier to use. It reminds me of the program Blender in the logic of the tool palettes. And I loved Blender.

In a head-on shootout with my current 3D renderer Vue d’Esprit, modo trounced Vue not only in terms of rendering speed (and the bonus is that you get real time feedback of what each processor on your desktop/network is rendering) but quality as well. Vue could not do subsurface smoothening, resulting in the faceted curves that you see in the first image. And it usually results in a fairly coarse image unless you render it at the maximum setting (which I did). modo, meanwhile, did it in less than half the time at the default setting. And the interface responds more like a traditional 3D software in the mold of 3Ds Max or Maya.

More importantly, Vue is no slouch itself, being used by ILM or Industrial Light & Magic, the same guys who brought you the special effects in most of your Hollywood movies.

Vue d'Esprit
modo 202



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