Bugger Me

23 10 2006

It’s a holiday and I thought I should cheer you guys up with some creative advertising from the guys at Saatchi & Saatchi. Its for a Toyota Hilux and it got banned in New Zealand for gratuitous use of the word “bugger”.

More about the ad can be found here.

On a slightly separate note, the BBC program Top Gear (which btw is a very, very funny show and an International Emmy winner in 2005 for Best Unscripted Comedy) attempted to destroy a Hilux by driving it down a flight of stairs at 30 mph, scrapping concrete walls, running it into a tree, drowning it at sea, dropping it from a crane, dropping a caravan on it, driving it into a shed, smashing a wrecking ball into it, setting fire to it and putting it on top of a building that was demolished (with the truck on it) AND the truck survived all that. It was driven into the studio to the applause of the studio audience. It now sits on a plinth in the Top Gear production area as a tribute to indestructible engineering.

The Top Gear videos



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