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29 09 2006

Today in the Straits Times Forum someone wrote:

Are Harley Davidson bikes put to noise test?
Every time a Harley Davidson motor cycle passes by, it generates a deafening noise much louder that the piling machine at a construction site.

If piling machines are subjected to strict noise regulations, why are the Harley Davidson bikes exempted?

The high decibels from a Harley Davidson bike may cause hearing impairment.

If cars in Singapore have to pass an emission test, shouldn’t the noise level of Harley Davidson motorcycles be tested too?”

And the government wants to make Singapore a “fun” city? After I read this, I really don’t know whether I should laugh or cry at this letter sent in to the ST forum. First, it is petty whinging at its best/worst.

Certain things in life cannot be quantified. Can you quantify the value of a photograph to an individual? So should all sentimental items be deemed worthless because they are, well, worthless monetarily? In the same vein should a Harley be silent? Or a Ferrari be slow? Or quiet like an electric car? What kind of sad existence has this person led?

Oh maybe he doesn’t understand such things because he is a stoogy old fogie who has led a miserable existance and decided that other people shouldn’t have fun because he didn’t.

1. What has an emission test have got to do with the sound a Harley makes? Does more CO2 make a noiser vehicle?

2. Hearing impairment is the result of high SPL (sound pressure levels) rather than the common misconception of decibel ratings. Yes, the 2 are related, but if he should be so anal about quantifying things, I have all right to be too.

3. Are you sure a Harley is louder than a construction piler? The damage to hearing a construction piler causes is due to repeated trauma/stress that the SPL generated by the piler. Unless you ride a Harley, or tailgate a Harley, I seriously doubt you’ll suffer any form of hearing damage. In fact, I’m sure only if you put your ear to the muffler for an extended period will you suffer any damage.

More importantly, I think the forum editor should have the common sense to send the article to the trashcan rather than publish it. SERIOUSLY.





2 responses

29 09 2006

Everything’s a whiz here in Seattle, there’s Harley Davidson gang here too. Vroom Vrrooomm! Come to Seattle dudes. There’s too much fun to be had here.

What’s a Harley compared to the wondrous sounds of seagulls and whales with the Mt St Helens in the background. Give and take a little, wake up every morning thinking it’s another great day. ~ Quoted from Tim Tucker from Texas – a great jolly ole fellow who treated us to 2 rounds of drinks.

14 10 2006

hee. i like the comic. and hie yx. gee someone’s havin the time of his life;)

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