Steve Jobs Does It Again!

13 09 2006

iPod Nano Video/Colours, new iPod, new iPod shuffle, movie on your iPod, iTV, brand new iTunes! Woah!

The new Nano — think iPod Mini run over by a 10-ton truck.

The new Shuffle — looks like the iPod remote, doesn’t it?

The new iTunes interface — it’s like the Front Row GUI, or iPhoto, or Finder Slideshow. Love it!

There’s one more thing called the iTV. It’s something like what Airport Express does with Airtunes, which basically acts as a Wifi conduit to stream music from your computer to your Hifi (while acting as a wireless print server at the same time; this function alone justifies the price), but this time, iTV streams video content to your TV. Look at it this way: if you buy a Mac Mini, or use your home Mac, and buy a USB TV tuner, you can throw away your DVD player, VCD player, VCR; heck, you can even throw away your radio — just connect your TV to a good set of speakers and you’re ready to rock and roll.

If Microsoft had been trying so hard to find an integrated home entertainment solution, Apple has beaten them to the finish line. Who cares if Zune has Wifi? Do you seriously believe the batt will last with Wifi switched on? Man, iTV is the new future.



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7 01 2007
CD Replication Man

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