8 05 2006

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…while the changes in Vista should reduce the risk for most users, the security features mean upgrading won’t be easy, Jaquith cautioned. “Vista will dramatically improve the security for Windows users, but they have some execution and usability challenges,” [analyst Andrew Jaquith of Yankee Group] said. “It is clear as day that Vista is going to really annoy users.

As if Windoze isn’t irritating enough. Since Windoze can run on a Mac, why bother to go out and buy a Pee-See when you can kill 2 birds with one stone and buy a Mac. See the extra premium price-wise as getting 2 computers for the price of 1.15, with the looks to boot. What’s more, the new version of the Mac OSX “Leopard” will allow for virtualization within the OS itself ā€” you would not have to reboot to launch Windoze. And unlike Microsoft’s VirtualPC offering, the new virtualization technology will run with little or no slowdown in the processing speed, thanks to similar hardware and Intel’s built-in virtualization support that they claim will make the virtual environment run 150% faster.

A lot of geek-speak? Nevermind. Read on.

The annoyance would come from such features as User Account Control, which is to be enabled by default and lets users run Windows with fewer privileges. The intent is to thwart malicious software from gaining a foothold on Windows PCs. “Although the new security system shows promise, it is far too chatty and annoying,” Jaquith wrote.

As a result, Yankee Group recommends business users who don’t want to be on the bleeding edge to steer clear of Vista until 2008 and continue to use Windows XP with Service Pack 2 until then. “As a hedging strategy, enterprises upgrading their hardware should also take a look Apple’s dual boot Intel Macintoshes,” Jaquith wrote.

As an example of how fast virtualization technology can run on a Mac, the video here shows Windoze XP booting up using Parallels Workstation for Mac OSX virtualization software within Mac OS 10.4 “Tiger” in 10 seconds flat. Beat that on your beige box!




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