Cockney Translator

19 01 2006

Use this and you’ll bleedin’ speak loike a bloody brit.




11 responses

6 10 2006

Whats wrong with my accent mate

6 10 2006

it’s cool =)

3 12 2006

Obviously, you are never Tod Sloan ! So don’t be Peter Purvis…

So here’s some Anneka Rice ! Afterall, I am a Cream Rice Bacardi Breezer !

Anneka Rice:
The answer = Harry Randall !!!

24 12 2006

Quiet you’re giving the master a headache

5 01 2007

yes I will come along and drink and eat and be merry

10 01 2007

So yeah, back to our original conversation mate. I think i can pull more fanny than Buck when i am out.. who do you think would win mate. How was the show today sdidn’t listen i was too busy at work. And when i did want to listen the link wouldn’t work on the site!

5 02 2007

This was yet another weekend where riding the bike was not an option due to more pressing commitments. How many weeks in a row has that been the situation? Don’t know ’cause I that’s a purely academic question. The weather’s been passable, but I ain’t got time to go out on the bike. I got stuff to do.

Maybe yer in the same situation. While others may be goin’ to Superbowl parties or otherwise kickin’ back, you got more important stuff to accomplish. Lemme suggest what I did today ‘n what I’ll be doin’ tomorrow …

I had chores to do. I’ve got some Gershwins’ music on my iPod. It was rainin’ out. I had no choice but to go out ‘n “get’r done”. So, I plugged in the iPod, donned the raingear, ‘n got to work. Damn, if I wasn’t stopped in my tracks!!!

14 02 2007

Hello Deb,

Here are the last of my drawings. Please let me know if you have any questions on them, or find any mistakes.


23 02 2007


9 03 2007

hello i am going to the local pub for a pint and a curry with my friends

13 07 2007

Gaw blimey guvnor, I’ve just been all the way up them apples to get me whistle and I’ve only gorn and forgot me dickie dirt. Lend us a pony and I’ll buy you half a napper tandy down the rub-a-dub

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