Things only bored undergraduates do

10 01 2006

Thanks to Dan for letting me grab your post.

Beng Han & I decided to try out an interesting chemical reaction today. We learnt about it from a online video.

Eng Kiat was kind enough to come along and help document the experiment..haha.

Here are some pictures of our preparation:

Ingredient #1

Ingredient #2

Load ’em up

All set and ready to go!

If you haven’t figured out by now, the focus of the experiement is to drop the sweets into the bottle of pepsi πŸ™‚

We actually ran the experiment twice – the second time was better because we learnt that for maximum effect, all the sweets need to fall in quickly at one go – so we had to align the sweets properly in the canister first

Here’s what happens when you do!

Cool huh? πŸ™‚



3 responses

11 01 2006

haha! very cool! is it from the central prog?

12 01 2006

Wow! That was cool. Never came across it before…

13 01 2006


i miss being an undergrad.. boooo.–>

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