3 11 2005

” Your building is like using a parang to cut ikan bilis. “

Grimacing at that statement made by my tutor more than a week ago, I’ve been struggling to make the parang a penknife, or at least a close approximation of one. Too bold a statement, he told me. keep it low-key. And so I set out with the grinder, anvil and mallet to try and make a massive machete a fillet knife, or at least a small cleaver.

As it turned out, I was too successful. Just yesterday he told me that its too small, too insignificant. “Your previous design was more dynamic,” he said. Duh. Wasn’t it the reason you wanted me to change it? Too dynamic? Too bold a statement? And to have him renegade on his words within a week; the fustration is boiling over, and I really want to throttle him. Or decapitate him with that metaphoric parang.

So now, I’ve spent 16 hours in front of the computer trying different permutations, yet none leading anywhere. As it is, I’m pretty screwed. 4 more days to submission and I haven’t finalised my design.

Gotta do some miracles. Laters.



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