Hard Gay Helping Tokyolites

28 09 2005

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Erm, I don’t really know whether I should be disgusted or amused. In Japan’s TV wasteland whatever that can be done to increase ratings will be done, and Hard Gay is probably the result of that. But it does show that even though Hard Gay’s totally well-intentioned, very often we as human beings we’re still conditioned to take things at face value, no matter how often the maxim of not judging a book by its cover is drilled into our heads.

A short description of Hard Gay from the Mainichi News site.

Razor Ramon “Hard Gay” Sumitani’s cutting humor parodying stereotypical homosexuals has made him a firm favorite of Japan’s fickle schoolgirl fans, according to Asahi Geino (7/28).

Looking akin to an outcast from the Village People, clad entirely in black leather — a body-hugging, sleeveless, shirt, micro-hotpants and a studded black cap — and his every move accompanied by Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca” blaring out in the background, 29-year-old Razor Ramon is fast becoming one of the most recognized faces on Japan’s small screen.

Razor Ramon HG has a corner on the program where he helps others, whether they want his assistance or not, suddenly springing up in front of them, holding his arms above his head, then wildly gyrating his hips and thrusting his pelvis forward while screaming out a piercing, “Whoooooo!” and announcing himself as “Haado Gei!”

Among those he has helped in his stints on the show include crying children, tissue distributors and old women he has piggybacked across pedestrian overpasses. He claims to gain his apparently boundless energy from memories of late Queen singer Freddie Mercury.




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28 09 2005


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