22 09 2005

Someone wore the wrong pair of flip-flops after a meeting in hall just now. What happened was that we aren’t allowed to wear our footwear up to the lounge space in hall, so we have to take them off before we proceed. Having realised that someone in hall has the same pair of flip-flops as myself and what I usually do is to put mine far far away when I notice that the particular person is around for a meeting too. By the way his (I assume it’s a him) flip-flips are 2 sizes bigger than mine so I figured that there probably is no way a mix-up can occur.

Anyway on this particular occasion that particular individual isn’t around so I left mine around. When I left, I noticed that my slippers decided to go through a spurt of spontaneous cellular division and grow bigger. I’m just wondering if the weather is cold enough to make a pair of slippers cold enough to feel 2 sizes too small, so much so that you attribute it to molecular contraction rather than a case of being the wrong size. Hmmm.




4 responses

22 09 2005

funny pic! teehee

22 09 2005

What a 8===> cock that guy is.
since I’m at it:
8=> small cock
8===>~~ ..erm..
8==*=> cock with wart
8 > blur cock
8===} cock with condom
8===3 kissing cock (!)

23 09 2005

Dont say don have!
I came and read.
Just that i was too busy in my own shit to show that I actually care !!

26 09 2005


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