Yamaha Has the Most Actrocious Customer Support Policy

20 09 2005

Update. I just talked with a hall friend over supper and realised that I’m not the only victim of Yamaha’s policy. Apparently they purchased a set of Yamaha speakers from a dealer and it turned out that one of the speakers was really funky. So they called up Yamaha to inquire about repairs and as it turned out it was discontinued too. And so those buggers refused to repair it since it was discontinued. I mean, how can you possibly not offer to repair your product when it fails? And it makes complete logical sense that you would only expect a piece of equipment to fail when it has been put through years of abuse (not so in the case of the speaker, because apparently it was defective from the factory) and not within the warranty period. By then I would conceed that it would probably be out of production. But that, in my opinion, does not exclude the manufacturer from its responsibility of offering technical support and repairs when the need requires. Its not that the customer cannot pay for the repairs. It the fact that it is non-existant to begin with. This is a disease with all the big players in the niche markets in Singapore (see post on Art Friend).




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