20 09 2005

I have this sinking suspicion that I’m a victim of credit card fraud. This guy called me concerning membership renewal for SAFRA and he rattled off my addy and particulars and things like that. So he was saying that there was this promotion concerning the renewal of the membership and he needed my card number. As it turned out the promotion was legitimate and that guy sounded official enough.

It was in the midst of submission and sleep-deprived me wasn’t think too straight. So anyway I said I wasn’t too comfortable in divulging my number and stuff like that but he piled on the assurances that the data would not be used any other way and that I could call the hotline to check anytime I am not sure. So I gave in (which I suppose wasn’t an excusable move on my part, legitimate or not the phonecall was) and now more than a week later I have yet to receive a confirmation of the application.

Anyway I’ve set a reminder in my phone and I’ll give those buggers a call tomorrow, and if the application has not been registered I’ll probably have to give the DBS Card Centre a call and have my card number changed. Man, will they be irritated because I just had them send me a replacement card a month back as the old card was falling apart.

Ah well, here’s a lesson to myself and to all.

Never be lazy.



One response

21 09 2005

momo. so have u called the safra pple?
*never be lazy* someone told me

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