Yamaha Has the Most Actrocious Customer Support Policy

18 09 2005

Just the other day I sent the 2nd hand guitar I got a short while back down to Yamaha to fix it up. Apparently there’s a dead piezo-pickup (it’s one of those techno mumbo-jumbo crap so you can ignore it) and I decided to go down to Yamaha to see what they can do with it. Anyway, since the guitar was a limited edition (serial number’s 00065, so that means my guitar’s the 65th piece produced, duh) and parts are hard to find, one would figure that the best place to get it would be the local distributor. And also since the original owner got it for about $4000, I would expect at least some proper customer support. Was I wrong.

As I entered, I asked if they do repairs and I mentioned that I had a Parker Fly to fix up. The first thing the staff did was to stare at me dumbfoundedly. Subsequently, some dumbass (I suppose he’s the store supervisor from the way he is uniformed differently) said that they do not do repairs for that particular model and suggested why not I buy a Yamaha guitar instead. Good Grief, why on earth would I want to buy a Yamaha guitar when the original price of the guitar I was holding would probably buy 4 or 5 of the best Yamaha has to offer and none would come close?

So anyway, I was so pissed I walked out on the spot. Realising that if I had walked away I’ll never be able to get it fixed, I turned back and nicely asked if there’s anyway I can order parts through them, since they were the sole dealer and it is only right that they have parts to repair the guitar with, or means to obtain them. The supervisor was gone by then so I was left with a fairly lost kid at the counter (I think I must have looked really pissed or it was his first week at work) and he checked this slip of paper, which said the guitar was discontinued, so they did not make repairs for it.

Anyway, that sounded absurd to me, since its industry policy from all manufacturers to keep parts for up to 5 years after discontinuation. So I pressed if there’s anyway I can get it fixed. At this point another girl stepped forward (I suppose she’s been around longer) and passed me a namecard, saying that’s the contact of the resident guitar tech and senior sales consultant and that I should give that guy a buzz on Monday (apparently he only works on Monday, and not every single one too. Wow, that is SOME job) and see if there’s anything he can do.

There’s nothing I can really do at this point, so I headed down to the dealer who brokered the deal between me and the original owner and he was pretty surprised that Yamaha discontinued the range and no longer had parts (although I don’t think they had any to begin with). So he held on to it and I suppose he’ll probably have to ship in the parts from the States. I just hope it doesn’t translate to additional costs for me. Sigh.




One response

20 09 2005

😦 maybe bubble nation is not too bad afterall. service culture here is top class. maybe tt’s why they r topping the charts for easiness of setting up businesses, w singapore 2nd.

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