18 09 2005

Just got a call from my army buddy about an in camp training on monday. Apparently I’ve been excluded because I’m still in uni. Which doesn’t make a lot of sense since a fair number of uni guys go back for reservist. But given the nature of my unit, I suppose it makes some sense in deferring me till I graduate. Sigh, that means my buddy will complete his liabilities before me.

Anyway he was telling me that the training would be a live firing. I was pretty shocked. First in-camp training and it’ll be a live firing? Geez. Would there be a refresher course? I mean, we were instructors while we were serving but after 3 years we’re bound to forget some drills. And what about those who did not have a the opportunity for constant hands-on because they did not have to train commanders and officers on the drills? I sure hope there is a refresher course… I’ll watch the live firing from my home window (I can see the live firing area, or at least the ‘illum’ that they fire) and see if anything cocks up. Heh.



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