Bye Bye White Mistress

7 09 2005

Just sold my electric guitar of 7 years for SGD1000 and bought another one. Will miss my white mistress…

So pretty…

Photos of the replacement coming soon! Time to play more jazz and less rock.




5 responses

7 09 2005

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7 09 2005

wah lau. another advert. wouldnt it be more appropriate if they advertised for guitars and music?

*sigh* i’ll miss miss white too. white is so elegant. i hope purple will be cool.

8 09 2005

bro bro bro, u said u wanna teach me hw to play guitar… now u sold it, hw to teach me???


8 09 2005

hey hey, got new one got new one! No worries bro.

9 09 2005

Saw your new guitar, really pretty, even myself want to hold it and pluck the strings!! Hope next time have a chance to play with your guitar ha. How much is it by the way?

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