Reservist Update

22 08 2005

I kinda figured that if the SAF hadn’t decided to fully digitise its records of servicemen, I would still have been forgotten by the army. Dang! Anyway, what happened was this corporal called me and asked if I had under gone the chemical defense training. God, YES! No more gas chambers and tear gas please! Ha.

Whatever the case is, that was recorded in my docket (and as you might have remembered I mentioned that it somehow got lost) and it doesn’t take much to figure that the army is trying to update my missing records into the computer. Ah well.

Anyway Robin, are you sure my unit is a tank Bn? Sheesh? Why the hell do I need to be there? O.o”



3 responses

22 08 2005

brother brother brother, 408 is a tank bn n Tiong Tai Wah is your concurrent RSM at this moment.

well, it can be a tank bn but they’ll still need mortar experts like you in their SP coy ma… haha

22 08 2005

Uncle Tiong?! Wah kaoz.

23 08 2005

ya man, uncle tiong… haha

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