17 08 2005

Bummer. Too lazy to blog. Work is driving me nuts. And I suppose no irritating room mates so inspiration for rantings don’t come easy. Heh.




7 responses

17 08 2005

well, if you want your neighbours to be irritating, we could always help =P

I’m sure the chaps will be pretty obliging..hahaha.

20 08 2005

lazy boy

21 08 2005

do that and no beer and no vodka and no watermelon juice+lime+vodka+sprite+nata de coco cocktail for you blokes! Muahahaha!

22 08 2005

*glare* is my mini-bar turning into a mini-pub

o yah. when i come back do u want me to buy any alcohol from duty free?

22 08 2005

ORH okie! Bailey and Johnny Walker and Absolut and Smiroff and and and… HEE. Think the fridge can fit?

23 08 2005


sadly… i think they can fit. but alcohol is to be stored in the mini-bar? i thought you dun put them in fridge one.

what is Smiroff? & are all the alcohols stated the… ‘mixable’ kind?

24 08 2005

Ah ya, all can mix… Even surgical alcohol (heard some people actually drink that shit!). Smiroff is a brand of vodka. Russian shit, i think. Ah, no la, not putting into fridge.. Hee.–>

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