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5 07 2005

Alright. I ‘fess up. I haven’t been blogging much for you guys out there. Not that I have a big fan base anyway. It’s just that there’s nothing really much that is cranking up my angst so I don’t really have the impulse to type a lot. No irritating room mates (finally a single room! no more being coerced into taking up a double room simply for the air-conditioning!) and no particular thing that rubbed me the wrong way.

A conversation with a friend just got me thinking that most of my friends are at an age where life is longer carefree, no longer self-centred and determined by personal desires. It is a time when decisions are made circumstantially, or with a 20/20 hindsight; you do things because sometime down the road you want to be able to look back and say, “hey, i did the right thing”, instead of doing it because it’s something you really loved doing.

Sure being a full time rocker is something everyone aspires to be, and when opportunities come knocking, people go, “hey why think so much? Go ahead!”, but deep down you know you don’t have what it takes. Or pursuing a career as an artist as opposed to an architect; it’s pragmatic calls that one has to make — whim, fancy and desires have to take a back seat when you’re at a point when being irresponsible doesn’t simply mean doing yourself an injustice.

There are other people in the equation, people you hold dear, people who matter to you. That is when you realise that you’re no longer a child with wanton dreams, but an adult with real-life responsibilities and duties to fulfil.

Now that’s what you call quater-life crisis.




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5 07 2005

*wide-eyed blink*

bumming too much and thinking too much? meh. dun scare me.

meanwhile… i tik these issues have been with u for quite some time. probably ur conversation with the friend sparked them to life. an example of night syndrome in my opinion. :p

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