Old Template screwed up

19 05 2005

Yup. So there’s a new look to the blog. The photos of my site. It was a maternity hospital before. So some of the stuff are, well, freaky..




4 responses

20 05 2005

at first i thought all ur photos were very pretty n exciting. till u mentioned freaky… the photos became a little too scary for appreciation :p

22 05 2005
when we gng SCUBA?

its called HOPE THEORY
this theory says that
if there sum1 who like u a lot
but u arent sure…not 100% sure
if u like him
or u are just being nice to him becoz he’s really nice to u
and u don want to tell him the truth
becoz it will break his
in fact , u are giving him false hope
false hope that u will one day accept him
but actually u will NEVER accept him
so he everyday HOPE n HOPE
and as the days go by
his love will deeepen
and as u drag it longer
the hurt will become greater
so , if u dont think he has a slightest chance
don give him hope
u will only hurt him more n the end

22 05 2005

eh. must be mr yunxi.

30 05 2005

cryptic to say the least. did you get jilted my friend? I’m always around to provide a listening ear, if you dun mind the IDD rates.

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