2 05 2005

All of a sudden I feel like taking the golf clubs down to the driving range and whacking the daylights out of the golf balls. I should bring along a marker and write “Building Services” on the balls too. Ahh, the satisfying twack! when the club-face connects with the forsaken pimply face of the ball.

I think I know why paper-pushers like golf so much. It’s not so much the business opportunities it offers as you cut a deal with a client on the course; it’s the feeling of released fustration when you send a ball (with a neo-print of your boss stickered on it) soaring into the air and then ploink! into the water hazard, or better still, smack into the roof of the golf-buggy of some unsuspecting dude.

Striking the monographed balls of one’s nemesis (pun not intended) with all of your cow-strength (and till the shit comes out of you cuz you concentrate so much on your swing your ass-muscles relax — ever wondered how Tiger Wood’s undies look after a tough game?) and achieving maximum displacement gives wonderful satisfaction, especially if it flies far and true. Okay, so if you kill a bird with the projectile along the way that’ll be a bonus (and probably as good a reason as any to buy 4D), but in my opinion as long as it’s a shot well taken it would make all the fustrations go away.

So to keep your employees happy, I think it is important to encourage them to pick up golf and give them each 20 golf balls with a picture of your face printed on them. And additional balls should be given when promotions are passed over, deadlines brought forward, meetings extended and bonuses reduced.




6 responses

2 05 2005

yo bro, u sure is bo liao man… wat’s got into u? hahaha, u exam until u damn sian liao isit??? haha

3 05 2005

ewwww ugle la. where’s my cute guy.

4 05 2005

*bubble bubble*

5 05 2005

Woo hoo! Exams over! No more stupid blog entries. Haha

13 05 2005

I gonna ASSume that me, peiyun, robin are onz for the scuba ah?

cept for kiat..he bz peddling ass.

so how guys? Let’s go scuba ya? say 1st week of july? So excitng! haven been so excited since my….ahem..nothing.

Chill 🙂

17 05 2005

can’t. i’m going KiwiLand for exchange. leaving end june. my mom won’t allow anyway. u guys go ahead. (provided lil kiat manages to raise the dough WITHOUT peddling a..)

P/S: IF i’m still around when u guys going scuba diving, can i tag along on the boat =D grins–>

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