30 04 2005

I think the amount I blog is indicative of my stress and boredom level. Everytime there is an exam or term test I blog more. Anyway, I shall look forward to my trip to Malacca and KL instead of harping on such stuff.

But to be honest, I’m not really looking forward to the trip. There’s nobody I’m really close to, and some people are [CENSORED] I’m starting to learn the virtue of being civil in what I say because goodness knows who reads this blog! I suppose there are nice folks too, but when you come to think of it, everybody that is going are straight As students, so if you tell me everybody’s going there just to have fun and relax, I’ll tell you that’s a load of hogwash.

Spending time away from your friends and dear ones is one thing, but being placed into a pressure-cooker environment (AGAIN! Sheesh! Being in the so-called Dean’s Listers’ studio this sem is bad enough already. I nearly went nuts. And now this!) seriously tops it all off. Ah well. I asked for it, happily signing up for it without giving due consideration to the fact that given the limited number of places available and the number of people applying there surely would be a selection criteria in place. And NUS being NUS, it doesn’t take to much thinking to figure what those criterias are.

I suppose when I’m there I’ll concentrate less on those stuff and just enjoy myself. I’ll try and do a photojournal of the daily happenings if I can find an internet connection there. Ah well. I think it’s all the studying that’s causing all this gloom and doom.




10 responses

1 05 2005

well…if you’re bored enough to post, I find myself bored enough to reaf..hahaha.

when will you be leaving spore?

1 05 2005

Haha. I’m leaving on the 11th around noon. But the guys from UM are arriving on thursday (5th) so I suppose I would be busy from that day onwards.

1 05 2005

dun be bored dun be stressed =) LENSes + steamboat

1 05 2005

Wei, can save up enuf to go scuba with me not? Lets get JW also

1 05 2005

finally got time time to read a shorter entry.. You a much better than me alreadi leh, had such a long break before your last paper. I still got two, sigh.. mug, mug, mug…

1 05 2005

Sia lah dude, I also want to go scuba. When? Where? M’sia? Bintan? But I’m broke leh. I’m considering peddling my ass for some quick bucks man. Got lobang or not? I can check with my fren for dive places in m’sia. When does JW start work? He’s like officially unemployed as of now right?

Have to buy camera lens, guitar effects.. Pok gai liao.

Last week of June or July’s a good time. Keep me posted k.

1 05 2005

Aye, I think it’s the long break between papers that is making me bored. You have too much time to study and not enough determination to do it. You can’t hang out or guilt will strike yet you can’t stay away from the TV. Geez.

1 05 2005

scuba diving… *raised eyebrow*

btw, no a** peddling allowed!

2 05 2005

yo bro, taking up scuba diving, dun forget me hor… :p

2 05 2005

hey hey hey robin! ya, confirm won’t forget you. but i’m still broke now…

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