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26 04 2005

I shall be nice to my roomie dispite all the indignation I’ve suffered.

I suppose I’m compeletely fine with him as a person (besides the fact that he’s perpetually late for band prac, and for more than an hour at that) but it’s just his personal habits and the fact that he can be very inconsiderate at times. I admit I’m still cheesed over the fact that he took my brand new bathroom slippers, even though he just got a pair for himself the week before. I’m still irritated at how dirty the room is, or how messy it has become.

But yes, let bygones be bygones.

“forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man has a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye” Colossians 3:13

So thus I shall not complain about my soon to be my ex-roomate and I will be civil in my language. And hence hereby ends an episode in my long-running series of bitching and ranting about one particular individual.

Till someone more irritating comes along.



3 responses

27 04 2005

šŸ™‚ *pat pat*

27 04 2005

hope there won’t be someone more irritating..

27 04 2005

*crosses fingers*

but nah, if things work out i ought to have nice neighbours (hint Dan, hint hint)

Anyway I’m happy studying at home. not very efficient no doubt but I guess I’ll spend the last few days in the library.

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