Zouk in da house

25 04 2005

他妈的 blardee Lard turned up the subwoofer listening to dance music. He’s studying and I don’t give a shit if he’s hell bent on distracting himself so that he can fail the exams but I don’t subscribe to the same ideals. I know he’s half deaf and he can’t hear low and high frequencies very well but that doesn’t mean I have to suffer. Can’t he go buy himeslf a set of hearing aid? I can clip his computer speakers to his ears if need be. Not very elegant I conceed but definitely effective. He’s like one of the very few who still go to Zouk Mambo to prey on unsuspecting prepubercent girls. 3D loser.



4 responses

25 04 2005

ARGH! I’m going home to study.

25 04 2005

haiyo… be nice lah. ji1 yi4 dian3 kou3 de2 k.

just tolerate till 30th april.

26 04 2005

hmm.. agree

26 04 2005


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