Formula 1

25 04 2005

Dammit, Ferrari lost by 0.2 of a second! Ah well, considering Michael Schumacher went from 13th place to 3rd place by the middle of the race, it already is a miracle. Definitely worth missing Swordfish for (ah ya guys, Swordfish was on the telly at the same time).

Schumacher’s Ferrari hunting down Alonso’s Renault. Too bad he didn’t manage to overtake. Note that they are travelling in excess of 300kmh. If it wasn’t for the front and rear spoilers they would have taken off.



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25 04 2005

really in excess of 300km/h? wa…

26 04 2005

last season it hit 370kmh. so they restricted the engine displacement (size) thus limiting horsepower this season. they also restricted the teams to 1 set of tyres per race and 1 engine to last 2 races. in the past teams burn one set of extra soft tires for qualifying and 2 to 3 sets each race. and engines are changed every day over a 3 day race-weekend. the cars were projected to hit 385 to 390kmh if the horspower were not restricted.

15 12 2008
23 12 2008

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