3D Loser

21 04 2005

For the clueless out there, here’s what you should do to show the symbol for the 3 dimensional loser. It epitomises LOSER in more ways than one! For the more creative, some suggested combinations are with Fleming’s Left Hand Rule (just do the same on your left hand la!). In order to make the gesture and intention obvious, place the 3D loser to the forehead while you make the symbol.

And for added emphasis, stretch your left arm skyward, hold your right arm straight out to the side of your body (like you’re trying to measure one arm’s length to the person beside you) and kick your right leg in front of your body and keep it perpendicular to your torso. If executed correctly without collapsing (in which case the people around you will then show you the 3D loser instead), you would have executed the Giant 3D Loser! Woo hoo!

[note the pose of the 2 girls at the top. It is similar to the Giant 3D Loser. Just readjust the limbs so that they form adjacent angles to the torso]

Now that I’ve shown you guys what you should do, let’s rock to the YMCA song guys!



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