Piece of Shit

20 04 2005

The Lard is back sleeping. For the 2nd time today.

Let me explain:

As pointed out earlier, the Lard hasn’t given a dufus about his studies. So here comes the exams and the useless shit gets scared and starts to study. He tries to be hero and studies through the night in YIH. Everybody goes, “Wah, so hardworking!”

Let me do the math for you:

Study from 8pm till 7am = 9 hours (everybody would have gone back to sleep so all assume that the Lard is still studying).

Sleep from 7.30am till 9pm = 13.5 hours (some more put *I’m starting to like mugging* as his msn nick. what a loser).

Wake up to resume studying from 10pm till 2am = 4 hours (comments, “eh roomie, studying damn shag ah”, fuck la of course shag. Sleep so much confirm screwing girl in your sleep. Btw darling roomie, the word shag has sexual connotations. And loser-types like you surely have serious problems getting laid, which is quite apparently what you’ve been trying to get this entire sem. LOSER. So dun anyhow mangle the English vocabulary).

Sleeps from 2 till 5 = 3 hours (and wakes cuz i had to get him out of bed for like the 4th time. Dammit, i’m more concerned for his studies than himself).

Goes back to study from 6 till 12 noon = 6 hours

resumes after wasting time and stoning from 2 till 9 =7 hours

eats curried rice and fucking stink up the room with the pungent smell! How many times have I blasted the fan and opened all windows cuz his food smell as bad as his clothes? Gawd! Have you walked past my room with his clothes drying outside? They smell like fermented socks for goodness sake!. Then goes back to slumberland.

Over the course of 3 days the Lard sleeps twice as much as he actively studies. Cool huh. Hero la, try and stay up late when you can’t. Then snore louder than my alarm clock. (serious on that one. ask anyone who knows him well enough).

Did I tell you he’s worse than a baby? Haha, that pussy is afraid of the dark! He needs the table lamp on cuz, well, he’s frightened of the boogieman! He then goes to cover his face cuz the light is too bright. OMG, my 3 year old nephew has more balls than him boy!

I can’t believe my dad is paying taxes to send shit like him to uni on a Navy scholarship. I can’t believe the defense of the nation hinges on people like him. Okay, so I know for sure he’ll never promote in the Navy but still?

What a piece of shit that generates waste gases and materials that pollute the planet and consumes the world’s resources. PTUI!



8 responses

20 04 2005

His alarm clock has gone off for the past 10 min. I’m not going to wake him – someone who leeches all my stuff, dirties and stinks the room and greatly inconveniences me – up.

20 04 2005

hahahaha… sorry i can’t help it but haahaha… u r so funny….

look at it this way…. you are 2 weeks away from not having to live with him ANYMORE (or maybe shorter if his paper ends earlier than us) and the following academic year, given the number of points he has, he’ll probably be stuck with his ‘friends’ in wonderland living in oblivion, epitomising 3D loser. by the time he goes back to the navy, my darling carlin will kick his ass to sorryland.

meanwhile dearie, be a LITTLE nicer in ur entries next time ya.

20 04 2005

ah yes, Fleming’s Right Hand Rule, aka the 3D Loser.

The Lard’s snoring like a pig farting through it’s mouth. I can almost see the noxious fumes! Ewww. Sleeping after a meal of curry and chilli sambal and not showering for a whole day. *gags*

How am I going to sleep early? *Sings* Woe is me..

21 04 2005

Update. The lard concussed at 10pm on wednesday night and woke up at 8 on thursday morning. And that was because of MY alarm. So the ration is now 3 parts sleep to 1 part psuedo-studying. I’m sure he’s there to oogle at girls rather than his books.

(to the tune of Village People’s YMCA)
[hand action please! Fleming’s Right Hand Rule aka 3D loser!]
And here we go!

It’s fun to look at the L-O-S-ER.
It’s fun to laugh at the L-O-S-ER.

He has nothing for young (horny) men to enjoy, [ewww!]
You can hang out with all the boys …

It’s fun to look at the L-O-S-ER.
It’s fun to laugh at the L-O-S-ER!

21 04 2005


Ratio, as in So the ratio is now 3 parts sleep to 1 part psuedo-studying.

Gosh. Does that make me a loser?

21 04 2005

hey, you got so much time to blog huh.. but dun let that mood affect you too much ah..

21 04 2005

but anyway, it s quite funny and I really can’t help laughin in the computer lab..oops, I seem to be the disturber here…

21 04 2005

random observation:

1. The Lard is insecure. He gnaws on the corner of his pillow and sniffs it constantly, be it consciously or in his sleep. *pukes* The corner in question is brown with saliva (?) and mucus (!) and probably smelly enough to be classified as a biohazard.

2. The Lard hangs with this bunch of BRE year 1s. Which makes me wonder what the hell happened to his own friends from year 2 and his own faculty. From what I know they hate studying with him cuz when he goes back to hall to “wash up” he ends up in bed for the next 10 hours or so. And thus those left behind are responsible for his belongs. And even if they want to rest they can’t cuz someone has to look after it. Poor things.

So anyway they give up on him and that poor loser goes around looking for people who do not know him well enough to be disgusted. So I guess I’m not the only one wanting to disassociate myself from him.


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