F*** Busy

29 03 2005

I have no time to blog cuz I’m so damned busy!!

1. Building Systems presentation and 10 page report submission on the 29th.
2. Finalisation of design scheme by 31th.
3. Effective Communications 12 page proposal by 4th (or thereabouts)
4. History of SE Asian Architecture presentation on 5th
5. Design Submission on the 8th
6. Crit on the 11th
7. History of SE Asian Architecture 2500 word essay submission on the 12th
8. Urban Design test on the 13th

I’m going bonkers.




One response

29 03 2005

tamade! blogspot server was down and my previous comment erased. !@#$%^&*()

anyway….. thou shall repeat!

1. it’s Professional Communication not Effective Communication
2. ES is due on 12 April
3. SEA is 2000word not 2500 word (quite a diff in my opinion.. though prob not in matt’s opinion)

–> my crit is on the 12 april
😦 same as ES and SEA submission

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