Dumbest piece of shit I’ve heard in a very long time

21 03 2005

Dear students,

As the end of semester and submission time is nearing please be vigilant and take care of your belongings and your personal security. May I also remind you on regulations concerning overnight stay (Pg.7&8 student handbook):

The studio is closed at 12:00 midnight and opened at 8:00am daily by campus security personnel. Students who need to work beyond the scheduled opening hours must apply in studio groups to the Dean’s Office through the Department on appropriate forms, which are available from the Department Office.

The application must be endorsed by the Year Leader and submitted at least 7 full working days in advance. Applications will be considered only in exceptional circumstances, e.g. just before project submission deadlines. Late applications will not be entertained. Campus securities personnel have right to check your identity and authorization for overnight stay; always carry your matriculation card with you. Visitors and non-students will not be permitted in the premises beyond the scheduled opening hours. Permission to stay beyond the scheduled opening hours is a privilege, not a right.

Therefore, to apply for overnight stay, you must ensure the following:

a) The overnight stay must be related to the design submission.

b) Due notice (three days prior to the beginning of the required overnight stay) must be given through formal application. Application forms are available in the Dept Office.

c) Applications must be submitted through the Year Rep to the Year Leader for endorsement.

If you don’t want us to stay,

1) Reduce the absurd amount of work we have to cope with. Have us design just a toilet each semester. At the most a bedroom. C’mon, work doesn’t get completed even with people staying up 4 nights in a row. And that’s considered efficient. Don’t stay back? You’ve gotta be kidding.

2) Provide each of us with a 21″ LCD screen and a workstation with 1Gb of RAM. And also have a drafting table and workbench provided for each student to bring home upon acceptence into Architecture. You can’t do that? THEN LET US STAY BACK!!



3 responses

22 03 2005

huh? in that case, how many applications you have to submit each week?!

22 03 2005

I have no idea…

23 03 2005

sounds idiotic to the max. must be some admin chap up there who wants to cover his/her ass about some security nonsence.

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