Judge Tosses Out Teen’s Homework Lawsuit

11 03 2005

What is this world coming to? The world’s most powerful nation is also the most decant and dysfunctional. Well done Georgie.

CHICAGO (Reuters) – A judge has tossed out a Wisconsin high school student’s lawsuit asking for summers free of homework and may order him to pay the state’s costs, court officials said on Wednesday.

Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Richard Sankovitz on Tuesday called 17-year-old Peer Larson’s suit frivolous and said his complaint should be directed at the school board.

The Wisconsin attorney general’s office may ask the judge to order Larson to pay the state’s court costs.

Larson, of Hales Corners, Wisconsin, had asked that the state schools superintendent on down to his local school district and math teacher be barred from assigning homework over the summer.

Larson and his father said the problem arose when he was given three assignments just before the start of summer vacation to prepare for an advanced precalculus class that began last fall.

The younger Larson said he failed to get all the work done because he had a summer job as a camp counselor.




One response

12 03 2005

meh so wat’s screwed in this incident? the kid sueing for vacation hw?

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