Hall Points

11 03 2005

Woo hoo. 32.9 measly points. Think they missed out an aux (that’s 7.5 points). And one wasn’t flagged. Oh well. Not that I really care. I mean, there are some really nice people in hall and some great people in band and all that, but hey, it’s a fact: aki students can never find time to do so much hall activities. Find me one who’s actively involved in hall activites (and not at the expense of his/ her grades. I know there’s a couple who are super active, but guess what happened).

Okay, let me rephrase. The Raffles hall system doesn’t allow students who are hard pressed for time to contribute in other manners than stupid time-wasting activities such as flyer distribution and car wash and CAN COLLECTION. This is the first time I’ve heard some so absurd. Can collection? Why don’t someone with brains simply put a box beside the trash bin and label it ‘CANS’? (Float people take note! Oh ya, no float people read my blog. Too bad.)

A N Y W A Y . . . . . .

I’ve got tons of points to bid for a room but none to stay back. What an irony. And I can’t even find time to go home even though home is a 15 minute bus ride away. On that point, I can’t even find enough time to sleep. So 8 hours to chalk up an aux? Ptui!



6 responses

11 03 2005

why not go and appeal.. with that 7.5 pnts added you should be able to stay in hall

12 03 2005

Apparently I can’t claim the aux cuz it took place during orientation. Sigh. Old Kent Ridge here i come.

12 03 2005


12 03 2005

wat abt the one not flagged?

12 03 2005

wait… the orientation one should be a flexible set rite? can be for last AY or this academic year rite?

14 03 2005

dude, the unflagged one will be flagged soon. I think its up on the notices.

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