Wasting time, wasting sleep

7 03 2005

Spent the whole night up doing… Nothing actually. Half a presentation and the floor of one building. Considering I had 12 hours to do it I’m practically vegetating in my seat. Goodness me. I’m losing motivation. It took 6 hours in year one to do twice that amount of work. Geez! Either I’m slow or I’m slow.




3 responses

8 03 2005

hmmm… focus!

8 03 2005

oh yes… looking at the number of posts u have on ur blog recently, u have fallen into a state called ‘toot-toot syndrome’. Caused by: inertia of nua-ing and backlogged work.
Cure: motivation/sense of satisfaction from good results of a task.

11 01 2007
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very nice blog!mary

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