6 03 2005

Oh well. So much for my resolution not to play for band till August. I suppose my main gripe was with bands that don’t practice beforehand and end up figuring things out during practices. But this band does prior preparations (and not as if I was very well prepared myself this time round… I’m getting slack ain’t I?). In fact, I kinda enjoy playing with this band – its fun.

Realised I miss playing (I said it before didn’t I? Tsk tsk, getting forgetful) and it’s a break from the tedium of work (although I’m not sure it’s at the right time with all the submissions going on) but ya, it’s therapeutic. And its all nice people in the band… =)

Anyway digressions aside, I suppose I need to be more focused myself. I end up digressing during band practices myself… No good Eng Kiat, no good. Must focus and get the job done! Haha. Just hope we can pull off the songs. Nice vocals, and good effort on the musicians’ part (except slacker me.. Gotta buck up!). And after that get back to my work and concentrate! Focus focus focus! Sigh, how many times must I say it?



4 responses

6 03 2005

wei, so ambiguous.. which band are u referring to? *bleah*

7 03 2005

aye aye aye.. josie and band can. :p

7 03 2005

Am I supposed to be the person in the band? Dun separate me from the rest, k? Thanx for saying “nice vocals” ^_^

7 03 2005

So fierce… O.o”

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