2 03 2005

Wisdom tooth’s hurting like crazy. The 2nd molar in front of it is crooked. Suppose there isn’t space and that it’s probably an impacted wisdom tooth.

Gotta get it extracted. But when? Provided I go for the consultation on wednesday, the best day to do it would be on friday. Beyond that I can’t find a day where I don’t have something important and major. Monday is the consultation with the structural engineer on my building, and I need tuesday to study for wednesday’s mid-term. After that I still have to meet for consultation on construction technologies. And thursday is another round of studio. Friday? I’ll probably have died of pain by then.





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3 03 2005

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3 03 2005

It would be so painful to extract a growin tooth, especially for wisdom tooth which is the most inside one.. i saw doctor extractin wisdom tooth for my cousin. The tooth could hardly be pulled out if the doctor is a female cos she didn’t have enough strength.

Prepare for Oooooowww… 😛

6 03 2005

dearest eucalyptus, how’s ur tooth? do u still wanna arrange for check up? *sayang*

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