31 01 2005

Won JamX. Kinda surreal because I’m not like estatic or something. Maybe because the fact hasn’t sunk in yet or maybe because somehow I’m just, well, not excited anymore. It was like, “Oh we won? Ooo, we won! Okay, we won. Now what?”.

Now what. That’s very apt. I suppose all of us in the band are realistic enough to know that you can’t make a living out of being a full time musician. Practically every band out there has some day job. Quit school and play band? Apparently that’s what the juest band that day (Ronin) did. They were all classmates with this friend of mine and he said they all left uni to pursue their passion.

Maybe because music is not really a passion for me. It’s more like an outlet for stress more than anything else. Ah well. Problem is what to do with a recording contract…



3 responses

3 02 2005

it’s always lidat isnt it?
surreal to win, esp when u had no expectations (to win) to start off with.

well… cant help u with the now what part… just ‘how is my sunflower and dark chocolate getting along?’

15 10 2006


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12 01 2007
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