Tired of living

22 11 2004

Blardee hell, it’s 7.5 more hours to the exams and I’m still blogging. I can’t sleep (too much tea? Too much rest in the day? Too scared? Nah on the last count); been floating about online for the past couple of hours. Hmmm, the module is so ambiguous that I have little inkling what will actually come out. I suppose the Great Conundrum of Eng Kiat is that he fears quantitative topics in exams, yet he bitches about the qualitative ones because he has no idea what will come out.

Maybe because I lack substance? I’m but a veil of well designed hoaxes behind which hides an entity devoided of true worth and value; a facade for something quintessentially nothing but a paradoxial urchin of society? Ah well, too much crap in the readings I’ve been doing for the past week. It’s all coming out in my language.

Back to work.



One response

23 11 2004

dear dear is the best. he is not w/o substance.

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