Somebody help this world

11 11 2004

“Bush Calls Arafat Death ‘Significant Moment'”

“Bush Administration will continue to pursue aggressive foreign policy”

Someone dies and you call it a ‘significant moment’? So when Bush dies the Arabs call it a joyous occassion? To them it probably is. But will they make it an official speech? I doubt so. Not only do we have a baffon for a world leader, we have an insensitive and ignorant ape whose world begins and ends with his belly-button.

Aggressive foreign policy? When will they declare war on Malaysia or Indonesia because they have ‘elements of terror’ embedded within them? Or maybe because they have a significant Islamic population ‘symphatic to the terrorists’ causes’? I can’t believe that someone like him could be elected to a 2nd term?!

And I can’t migrate to another planet. Help.



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