Damn my freeloading roomie too

1 11 2004

Oh, might I add that my roomie has conveniently took my nike flip-flops to wear AGAIN because he’s probably too ashamed of his own that looks like a floormat with straps? And just so he could go pick up a girl to bring back to the room. And in the process stank up my flip-flops with his horrendous BO? Did I tell you that I only found out the night before that he has a body-odour so pungent that it’ll be classified as a biological weapon of mass destruction should the UN weapons inspectors come down to check? OMG, and now I know why the room always have this stinking socks smell.

And anyways so he conveniently took my slippers and I returned to my room to change into rain-garb, only to realise that my slippers are gone. And he could have just asked.




One response

23 12 2004

haha…goes to show that doing prior research is imperative before agreeing to being roomates with someone 😛

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