Damn Art Friend Staff

1 11 2004

I’m so damn fucking pissed!

The damned art friend staff sold me the copic airbrush set, and the fact was that they did not have a complete servicable set in store. And neither did the staff have any idea how to use it. So I bought $100 worth of equipment only to realise that they did not work cuz a part was missing.

It was not as if I did not inform them in the first place that the parts they recommended would not work. And when I asked to take a look at what I’m buying before I pay frigging $100 for them they insisted that they tested them and that it works. Works my ass. What’s with me simply seeing if the parts fit together IN FRONT OF THEIR FUCKING EYES??? Do I look like David Blaine who would make the stuff disappear into thin air? Do they seriously think that I would be able to dash fast enough out of the store with the goods in my hands? WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY THINKING??!!

I’m already cheesed off about them forcing Grafitti off the market and into bankrupcy. And to think that Grafitti has sales staff the complete opposite of how they would treat their customers: the staff at Grafitti takes the patience to slowly explain to you how the things work, to offer alternatives, to guide you around and be the ever helpful and KNOWLEGABLE sales staff.

Anyway, I got Thanda to go down and tell the guy that it doesn’t work. And that harebrained idiot-of-a-sales staff screwed the can into the nozzle and go, “See! Air comes out. It works!” Fuck you, of course air comes out. At more than 10 times the usuable pressure FYI. That’s why I bought the regulator in the first place. Morons. And they go:”And by the way we don’t sell the part that screws into the can.” So are thay telling me that I wasted $100 on something that doesn’t work??! Am I entitled to a refund then? I bet they’ll go, “You should have known better.”

Dipshit good-for-nothing prissy arrogant greater-than-thou ignorant moronic nincompoops of a psuedo-sales staff. Give me back my parents’ hard earned money!




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