Damn Andrew too

1 11 2004

He took my things without asking AGAIN! This time, he conveniently helped himself to my metal ruler. After using my butter paper. After using my clutch pencil. After using my cutting mat. After colonising my table when he has tons of space on his own. After wasting my time with useless banter. And notice how the materials are THE BARE MINIMUM AN ARCHITECTURE STUDENT NEEDS?? Where are his own? What an ASS!

Is there so little that I can trust my own studiomates with? Are they really so irresponsible? After having nearly $300 worth of materials stolen last sem, do architecture students have so little moral rightousness? Is thievery acceptable beacause you’re near to submissions and you lack the necessary materials due to your own personal incompetence in planning resources? FUCK YOU ALL.

What’s the point in working in studio when the people around you are a bunch of unappreciative thieves and chronic ‘borrowers’? When they keep bombarding you with questions such that you cannot concentrate on your own work because they THEM-SELFISH-SELVES cannot finish on time? Does that give them the right to bother someone equally pressed for time? I don’t mind if they say thank you at the end of it all. I don’t expect a meal or cup of tea in return. Is ‘thank you’ so hard to say?

I have nothing against a mutually beneficial relationship with my studiomates. I don’t even mind if I don’t benefit anything from them. But are they entitled to TAKE ME FOR FUCKING GRANTED because I help myself and so they can leech off my own efforts? What is this world coming to? I really don’t want to work amongst these felons. Maybe I’m better off as just a humble artist so I don’t have to see the ugly side of humanity? We’re spelling our own doom. Save our souls.




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