Tons of work

25 10 2004

Gosh. So much to do. Design, AR, BU… and I still have no idea what’s happening with Geog. Not that I’m too concerned.. S/Ued it anyway. Finally gave myself a break over the weekend. Shopping for paper, books.. It’s been a while since I had a little time for myself. School’s been so hectic.

Have to start planning my study schedule for the holidays. So much inertia. Realised I’ve not too much time left. Gotta press on. 2 more weeks to submission. Scary. At least formally it’s more or less settled. Or so I hope. Robert better not nuke it at the last minute. Progress in the studio is generally slow. I suppose I shouldn’t be assured by that. Hmm. Have to devote the week to design, and spend the rest of the time after submission to preparing for the other papers. One month to BU exam. Hope that’s enough to prepare for it.

So many things on my mind now. Gotta put them all aside.

Just restrung the acoustic guitar. Sounds so wonderful. Almost like a completely new instrument. Gotta get those strings the next time round. Running out of songs to play on it. Time to get new CDs maybe? Acoustic Alchemy sounds good.. But it’s jazz and it’s so hard to pick up. Makes me almost an old man, playing jazz and all. Oh, and JamX this december… Doubt we’ll win. I don’t even know who’s in the band. haven’t started songwriting for it. How on earth do I find the time anyway. Hope the rest of them has some ideas.

Okie, time to get back to reorganising my sketchbook. Bought new inserts and leaves from the bookstore. Happy. =)



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24 10 2004

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24 10 2004

i like ur new blog =) very happy. (maybe coz it’s more akin to my usual colour scheme?)

work hard and enjoy school. =)

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